Back to the Past for Future Glory?

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Ever feel that you fall in love again with your past, let's say, at one day you just realized that letting go of your ex is one of your worse decision you had made?

Sometimes yeah we will feel that our days and life achievement and story is not the same or may more hollow. And by the lifestory permits and with some of your little effort, you get back again and try to rewrite "an unfinished story". With a high hope that you will struck luck and more success with life. Ever experienced that? Back again with your past?

That what happened with Ferrari (with Kimi Raikkonen), and not so long before, with Arsenal (with Mathieu Flamini).

Ferrari struck a deal with Kimi, which raced for Ferrari from 2006 until eventually jettisoned for a newer and fresher hope racer Fernando Alonso in 2009. Kimi is Ferari's last driver champions, and interestengly he will partnering with F. Alonso, a man who in first place designated to replace Kimi back in 2009.

It seems that Ferrari is make a very brave move, as two World Champions in one team is a very mouthwatering prospect. And everyone will be interested how the relationship between the two as every champions will have their respective egos.

What it will be mean for Kimi, Ferrari, and F1 in overall? We indeed will see a very interesting rivalry and partnership in the grid. Maybe some heated up rivalry to make news, ha! Ferrari seeking a new way to compete in championship, as now they have two leading driver. Before, they have clear number one-two driver as with Michael Schumacher - Rubens Barrichello era and Fernando Alonso - Felipe Massa era. And with two very talented yet demanding driver, the pressure to produce a championship winning car capable to compete with the Bulls is going to be high.

For Kimi, he will race with people expectation (especially Ferrari) hoping to replicate his world championship performance with Ferrari, and for Fernando Alonso, he will be challenged by a very talented driver, and adapt to a new life as Kimi wont be have the same personality as Massa. In the more team perspective, having two leading driver meant that the team will get the most possibility to have an advantage to collect points in WCC.

Fernando and Kimi have their racing style respectively, and how James Allison - Rory Bryne will deliver a car will be interesting. And how the drivers will pay the attention with all the team "tradition" and "value" a.k.a political things. Given their history, I think Ferrari will be not have great difficulties to control the drivers, but how the drivers will react is a whole another story.

Well keep in mind that not all "back to the past" is good for your future story though. You have parted with them for a reason. Remember what, and if it's not solved yet, dont try. We might see in 2014 season one of two driver become disillusioned with life with Ferrari, given how very political team Ferrari is. It will be interesting to see how one of them hear "Fernando, Kimi is faster than you, do you understand?" or Kimi hear that over the radio. Will he say to leave him alone again?

Whoever winning, I just hope that is not the Bulls again. Hahaha!


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