Ingin Beda atau Udah Beda?

Monday, 9 September 2013

Nowadays, those who so called hipster more and more become a trends, in real life or in internet. Well anyone can have their own meaning of hipster. But what I see is more and more people, or sadly, group of people, is trying hard to identified themselves differ from others, sometimes trying to hard from in fact they just try to differ because of their insecurities or whatever reason they have. The problem is not the hipsterities or their try to become identified in society, as society is a complex system and has a dynamic nature, they just can't do it smoothly or in some point annoying.

What is this phenomenon with hipster things? People trying hard to personified themselves with non-label indie music, phrasing an difficult-to-digest words and sentences, weird clothing, anti mainstream gadget, photo-quaotation instagram, etc but in fact their own inner personal is not living their own skin to show. In short, only skin deep.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the idea for going "anti-mainstream" thing or hipster at overall. The world nowadays required a well strong persona identifier. But first, care to your inner personalities and character power, whatever it is, you won't care that it will end up as a hipster or be counted "mainstream", it is your real one right? Well, I confessed that I've been through such thing like this. 

My point is, just don't try and do things as only be wanted called a hippie because your lack self-awareness. Well, I confessed that I've been through such thing like this. 

Yes, people can do whatever they want. So do I, I can post my own opinion, right?
As one of my friends said, "Don't be mainstream in anti-mainstream way, but be strong-streams though is in a mainstream way"

Btw check this video, his words or phrasing choice is wonderful. Though I sensed that he did in a sarcastic way, mocking the current trends of hipsterities in words choice! (in Indonesian)


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